ScootHub: In-flight Portal App

In December 2020, Scoot introduced an all new one-stop digital solution for all customers’ needs on board Scoot flights known as ScootHub.

ScootHub is an in-flight portal app that replaces physical cafe menu, duty free shopping catalogues and inflight magazines onboard, helping to improve customer’s experience onboard in the “new normal” travel and also reducing paper consumption at the same time. This project was completed with the team at Flyscoot. 

Graphic Design: Kang Jia Wen
UI Design: Kang Jia Wen, Terry Tan
Photography and Video Editing: Jerome Yap, Kang Jia Wen, Toby Teh

Passengers will be able to access the app by first enabling flight mode on their personal devices, then scanning the QR code that is pasted in front of their seat to connect the network “ScootHub”. The browser pops up automatically and redirect the user to the app. 


With this app, passengers will be able to browse items from the onboard cafe menu and duty free catalogue anytime from the comfort of their seat.

This allows the user to have greater flexibility in terms of browsing and at the same time, significantly reducing the physical interactions between the passenger and the crew.

Orders will be received by crew on their tablets and fulfilment will be carried out once the payment is received. 

Passengers will also be able to purchase certain inflight services, such as seat upgrade and in-seat charging where available. Other entertainment options include games, a real time update of your flight map and also articles of various destinations. Click the video below to learn more about this app!