Grandma Lotus

Grandma Lotus is a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) wellness concept that is based in Singapore. They provide an unique body constitution test that enables user to self assess their body conditions/needs and based on the results, customized packages of herbal brews are recommended for their consumption to improve their overall wellness. 

I was approached by the client to help design the logo, website and a series of collaterals for the brand. 

The logo

I used a font with brush stroke texture as the base for the logo design as a tribute to the TCM roots of the brand. The green in the logo represents being in harmony with the nature while the blue in the lotus symbolizes a happy and euphoric feeling. The goal of Grandma Lotus is to promote wellness through
TCM treatment, helping users to achieve a well-balanced body constitution or a neutral body constituition.

The 9 body constituition

There are 9 general body constitution type with distinct characteristic. TCM believes that every individual possesses a few combination of body constitution, with 1 or 2 of them being the dominant. 

I help to come up with icons that represents each of these body constitution based on their main characteristic. 

The website

For the website, we decided to keep the layout simple and clean, focused on driving traffic to the body constitution test and product page. 


I helped to brainstorm and art direct for their initial product photography, as well as generate some video content for social media.

Social Media

Based on the social media strategy discusssion I had with the client, I also helped them to design their social media templates for various form of content.


To bring more emphasis on the rich history of Tradition Chinese Medicine, the client wanted an old school and oriental look for the front of sachet package design. The back of the packaging provided information on the tea ingredients, properties and brewing instructions. 

Website: Grandma Lotus
Social Media: @grandmalotussays